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Hi I'm Denise ~



One evening, several years ago, while driving through an open strawberry field and having cut ties after a 10 year career in a Fortune 500 where I had rigorously carved out a promising future, I found myself pondering life. I was searching for purpose and I sincerely believe during this drive, God jumped into my car for a joy ride! The voice was loud and said, "Enrich lives through interaction."  I stopped my car in the middle of a dark road, looked around for the voice and scratched down the statement I heard so clearly on a crumbled-up piece of paper, which I still have today. It was a profound experience as, this loud voice, became my life's mission. To enrich lives through my personal interaction. And Dessert with D is an extension of this mission.


Today I serve as an Integrative Wellness Coach, a die-hard entrepreneur and now a wellness podcaster can be added to the laundry list of awesome life experiences. This podcast is for you, it is simply a communication vehicle where I can be your conduit interviewing talented humans living in their zone of genius. We will have educational, engaging and fun conversation to be relished like a delicious dessert. And tell me, who doesn't love an amazing dessert ?!


In a time where wellness in our communities is needed most, I will do my best to keep it current, dive deep into real and transparent conversation and keep nothing off the table. If you offer wellness practices and wish to share your offerings, I invite you to be my guest. 

~ Together we will enrich lives through - Everything Wellness.

With love and light, BE WELL 


Denise Chavez

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